Module 2 : The graphic image 

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Module 3: From design to production

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Module 4 : Local and exclusive flavours

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Module 5 : Making an impact

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At kotmo, every action is important to consider before launching a project and creating a new item. We are on a mission to revolutionize the promotional products industry and we do this through education of our entire community. This line is the story of human relationships, of individuals with different backgrounds and cultures. We wanted to transport you into them so that you can share precious moments with your loved ones. They are the story of an extraordinary year. They are our story. We hope you enjoyed this project! A huge thank you to all our collaborators:

  • Maud Gaudreau, founder of État de choc
  • Stéphanie Bélanger, chocolate chef at État de Choc
  • Alice Picard, illustrator
  • Catherine Cda D'Amours, illustrator
  • Aless_mnc, illustrator
  • France Gagnon, production manager
  • Emilie Delorme, editor, computer graphics and production assistant for the series
  • Vincent Castonguay, photograph

And to the members and ex-members of the team:

  • Céline Juppeau, founder and assistant director of the series
  • Cindy Couture, associate
  • Charlotte Centeno, series director and marketing coordinator
  • Maxime LS
  • Julien Bouvier Tremblay

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Charlotte Centeno

Coordonnatrice - Lead sustainable marketing