We can't say it enough: a good company culture requires recognition and support for its employees. This recognition can be conveyed in many ways: 5@7's with colleagues, extra personal time off or small one-time rewards.

In order to take these corporate gifts to another level, the Stingray team collaborated with kotmo to take everyday useful products and personalize them with an outstanding design that reflects their company's image. 

«Stingray is currently in the process of rolling out its new employer brand and loyalty program. The committee has been working on the project for over a year. Through the initiative, we have decided to rethink our welcome packages for new employees to communicate our new colors and values. », said Justine Perron-Mongeau, Director, Digital Marketing at Stingray.


A distinctive design


What makes all the products chosen by Stingray so flamboyant is the synergy between their personalization. In fact, each item has a unique message that relates to its use. The theme of music is put forward to follow the expertise of the organization. 

"We are fortunate to have an in-house creative team. Our copywriter, art director and graphic designers have worked to take the visuals of the products to another level. In the past, we've often just used the Stingray logo on our promotional products and this time we really wanted to make a statement with our new image," adds Justine. 

The package that Stingray gave to its employees includes : 

  • A tote bag made and screen printed in Quebec
  • A toque made in Montreal with a label that makes it a trendy piece of clothing
  • A ceramic travel mug made in Montreal
  • A notebook with seeded paper cover made in Canada
  • A reusable aluminum bottle from Cupanion, a Canadian company
  • A pen made from wheat husks, a waste product of the agricultural industry.
  • A small bag of candy from La boîte à bonbons, a Montreal-based company. 

All sets were carefully assembled in individual boxes for easy delivery to the homes of Stingray employees. 



A great success!


It has been a few months since the gift boxes were given to Stingray employees and the feedback has been very positive. 

"The Stingray loyalty program was launched in December. Despite the pandemic, we were able to recognize employees who were celebrating their 10-year anniversary with the company. We took the opportunity to send the new sets as Christmas gifts to all employees across Canada. We had the boxes delivered to their homes just before the vacation season. The response was incredible! Our employees loved the initiative and are proudly using the products. Due to the enthusiasm of the team members, we are even planning to redesign some of the items to distribute at events and to offer to our clients. This is the beginning of a great collaboration with kotmo," says Justine. 


Responsible procurement : an imperative for Stingray


As a Quebec-based company with an international reach, Stingray's management was particularly keen to use the talent here to promote their company. "Our management wanted to focus on quality items that would positively promote our brand. With kotmo, we killed two birds with one stone by encouraging local artisans and manufacturers," concludes Justine. 

By doing business with kotmo, Stingray was able to collaborate with :

  • 8 local manufacturing companies
  • 4 women-owned businesses
  • 2 B Corp businesses
  • 2 local delivery companies
  • 1 family owned business

The kotmo team would like to thank Stingray for their great trust and real commitment to responsible sourcing. 

Marie-Pier Primeau

Responsable - Lead sustainable marketing