We have developed our own recycling program to ensure that our ciklo are recycled in Quebec and to maintain traceability of our raw material. This also allows us (and you) to contribute to the development and influence of the Quebec recycling industry.

Without the implementation of this collection program, ciklo is recyclable, but is not actually recycled. Sorting centers, and more specifically recycling centers, are designed to recycle mainly packaging. Pens are too small and are therefore eliminated during sorting: they are sent to landfill. The recovery program ensures the recycling of ciklo, and therefore, gives them a new life.

How does it work?
  1. Collect: When you receive your order, you will receive a box that allows you to return the ciklo. This box can be used to collect up to 200 used pens. Place it in an easily accessible place and inform your team!
  2. Seal: When your box is full, seal it and attach the return label you received when you received the package, making sure to remove the old shipping label.
  3. Send: That's it! You are ready to recycle your pens. Return it to kotmo by contacting the carrier to pick up the box.

We will ensure that the ciklo's are sorted and the material is recycled and reused locally. Your ciklo will be sent to our partner MultiRecycle who will disassemble it (i.e. remove the cartridge) to ensure that the envelope is not contaminated and can be recycled. The envelope is then sent to their recycler. 

Once recycled, the material can be reused by various Quebec manufacturers including kotmo. 

Collection Program Costs

The start-up fee for the collection program is $49.95. The fee to collect each recycling box is $24.95 (or $0.12 per pen)

Your financial commitment to this program will give you access to an annual report on your ciklo orders. It will include environmental, economic and social statistics to complement your corporate documentation.

Convert your old ciklo into new ones!

Gabrielle Audet