Our community

Kotmo is not only a promotional products company, it’s a whole community that is engaged to make a change by a 100% commitment to sustainability, locally made and purpose driven solutions

Kotmo’s team

Quotidien en Mouvement” : constantly moving, is the signification of Kotmo, in the spirit that design has the power to lighten our everyday’s life, itself constlantly moving.

Our history is a clever mix of design, entrepreneurship and sustainability. It began in 2014 when Céline threw away dozens of useless promotional items, and the brand along… Moved by her expertise in design, she decided to gather local designers to bring innovation into the promotional market.
Every day, the team works hard to create unique and branded products in order to promote  brands in their communities.

All together, we have the same desire of being part of that movement that will shake up the actual practices. Now companies have a sustainable and orignal alternative.


Kotmo is lucky to be surrounded by the confidence, passion and advice of its business and personal networks. We wish to thank the designers who every day are involved with us. They allow us to have build a business model in line with their reality in order to bring them in the limelight