Summer 2016: new projects coming

Summer 2016 already looks packed for Kotmo’s team and we wish to share our developments for the next months with you. Our second collection of unique and responsible promotional products is scheduled to be released in september and we still have many steps to take before we get there. With that new collection, we want to solidify our position in the promotional item industry, as well as our role in the Montreal design community.


New collection, new process

Since february, the team is working on a new way to develop Quebec made products. That’s why in may we launched an on-invite competition to Quebec designers. The goal was to receive original object ideas that were useful and had competitive prices to distribute them to a large corporate clientele. On may 19th, our jury composed of Maxime Baril, co-founder of Quintus Marketing brought in for his marketing experience, Annie Legroulx, an expert in design and licensing, as well as the Kotmo team, examined more than 15 products.

Following that step, 8 ideas were chosen to be pushed further or finalized. We had to make sure that the final products would go in pair with our sustainable development criterias.


Last week, we were holding our 2 jury session to choose which products would go into the next phase, prototyping. Projects from Matu, Aubry/Lévesque and Guerdoo Design were selected for the ingeniosity, the choice of their materials and their accessibility to a large audience.

One product was chosen by Maxime personally in order to create the most responsible promotional item ever. This collaboration with Quintus will be unveiled in the next few days through their social media platforms as well as ours. You can learn more about this project by reading their article on the subject(in French only).


Exclusive footage of the objects production

To come during the next weeks, the chosen objects prototypes. We won’t tell you more since all summer you’ll see behind the scenes content of the collection, product previews, photos, videos, and articles on our social media outlets.

We’ll tell you everything on our designers, the developped concepts, used materials, to eventually present a collection that’ll surely reinforce your brand image.

The official release is on september 15th at Circuit Index-Design. Until then, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss a thing.  

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