The innovation process in our new collection

Since the beginning of summer, we’ve worked on a new collection of promotional items. Our unveiling process is quite long, so we wanted to share our innovative experience as well as the uncertainties we lived through the summer.

Innovation: a necessary step in product development

For the new collection, we’ve created, in collaboration with our designers, many original products. Innovation, which is the process of an idea, from its birth to its materialization, was the heart of our approach. First off, we started with idealization on paper, moving on to 3D mockups, then prototypes before the final realization. We tested ideas, put them to the test, and got back the drawing boards. It’s a long but very instructive process that allows us to have a varied collection of products.


New techniques to become an even more responsible supplier

One of the most stimulating uncertainties we had to deal with was the new curcuma-based dye used in a sandwich bag made by Aubry/Levesque. The technique is simple, to transfer the natural vibrant yellow pigments of turmeric onto the fabric. The result is a punchy and original finish, without the use of often toxic chemicals. However, we had no idea how the product would turn out since we never used the technique. So many different types of fabrics had to be tested to get the durable color needed for the use of the object.

    The prototype test phase

    Prototyping allowed us to get answers to many questions we had, as well as realigning our vision with the ones of the designers before we market the objects. The risk we take by going through those many steps, is that we do all that work upstream of production and sales. Obviously, we can’t take a product to production without having perfected it. So all week, we’ll be testing and observing our soon to-be promotional items, to find out what we can change to make them even better.

    Next step: our designers will bring the final touches to the prototyped objects. Once all our doubts will be gone, we’ll produce the first samples and start to market them. You’ll be able to see our fresh products on September 15th, at the Index-Design meeting. Meanwhile, discover our designer profiles or visit our products’ page to see what we have to offer at the moment!