Ecoleader: Métrie

Reward your colleagues
– January 2018 –

Trophies for employees !


Lulu Evénement and Métrie were looking for a trophy to reward their employees for their implication in the Transition/Lowe’s Rona project. 

The positive impacts of our trophies

Economic spinoffs – One of our most important commitments and values ​​is to design local products. For this project, we worked with the Montreal designers Allstudio. The concrete is poured into a mould in our studio in Montreal as well as the cutting and engraving of the acrylic. That means 5 local businesses were involved in the creation process for this product.

Environmental impacts – Like we said, the manufacturers are located in Montreal and the production is local. Therefore the amplifiers only traveled in the province of Quebec  meaning less than 10 miles. So not much greenhouse gas was produced overall — that’s a win for the company!

Social benefits – By handing out a locally made product, Métrie is putting the spotlight on local products and showing off the creativity of Canadian designers. The company is therefore positioning itself to promote local talent.

Métrie – A role model for our Ecoleaders

Métrie can see the impact it makes by choosing a local supplier: it encourages local creativity, minimizes environmental impacts and supports jobs in the country. This strategy is in line with its mission and overall vision.