Lauriers: Leveraging the Power of Design

Over the course of the last year, our founder Celine along with our excellent intern Marine worked long hours to develop a completely new, unique trophy. As a company highly focused on design, trophies are no stranger to us. Trophies are a designer’s playground – there is an ocean of opportunity in that one object when playing with color, texture, visual and tangible engagement, all while telling a story and saying something clear about the giver and the recipient.

Les Lauriers, a Quebec gala created to highlight and celebrate the best of quebec’s gastronomy, was not simply looking for functional, redundant trophy. Their specific goal was to hand out to winners a trophy that reached the high levels of prestige attained by the world’s largest culinary galas.  

As true believers in the power of design, the Kotmo team accepted the challenge. By being intentional about materials, colors, weight and symbolism behind each aspect of the trophy, we created an object that spoke volumes by simply being held in your hands.

The concept of the trophy landed on the very essence of gastronomy: taste. The goal was to represent the 6 types of taste present in our senses and to express this in the form of an object. The trophy is made of six varying layers of leaf-shaped sheets, made of metal and brass. The shape of the leaves is inspired by the Lauriers leaf, the gala’s emblem.


As a certified B Corporation being held accountable for our social and environmental impacts, we guarantee responsible sourcing, respecting the environment and the people within it.

That’s why one of our most important commitments is to design, develop and create products locally, supporting local artists and entrepreneurs. In partnering with us for this project, Lauriers supported:


All production for this trophy was also localized in Montreal. This means, from inception to completion, it only travelled within the province, significantly minimizing distribution impacts.

What sets Les Lauriers apart is not only their commitment to producing a unique product emblematic of their values and mission, but that they chose to produce this product locally, supporting young emerging designers and entrepreneurs. They are celebrating the best of Quebec’s culinary world, while stimulating Quebec’s local economy and supporting Quebec businesses and employees. What better way to communicate the valuing of our local communities than having a local-centric perspective present in all areas of your business – including objects.

By prioritizing locally-designed products, les Lauriers is also showcasing Canadian artists and bringing design to the masses.

Les Lauriers is a prominent Ecoleader. They are paving the way for the emergence of a larger movement of using business not only to reinforce their own brand and mission, but to make positive social and environmental impacts and build a sustainable future for the coming generations. Their commitment to more than just profits is exemplified in the products they’ve commissioned, and they’ve set the stage for what it means to use business for good.

We are proud to have collaborated with them, and are excited to continue their efforts in partnership!

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