Kotmo, a responsible and engaged business

This year, Kotmo wishes to reinforce its actions toward sustainable development. As the young startup that we are, we want to do even more with our suppliers and partner designers to become Quebec’s reference in responsible sourcing for promotional items. Throughout our projects, we want to give the opportunity to local designers that take positive actions to shine and to contribute to our economy.

Certified suppliers

In order to become the first company that comes to mind when businesses want to display their values through original promotional items, we decided to set up a responsible conception graphic from the start. That way, we could show our clients exactly what reduces our environmental impact, each step of the designing process.


Although it was a good start, we felt like we could do more. That’s why we decided to create a list of certified Quebec suppliers that work by the same principles as us. We’re constantly redefining the criterias that we feel necessary for a supplier to have in order to be on that list, only the best, the ones that have our trust, stay.


An issue for businesses

Building a strong feeling of trust with our suppliers can only bring good to our clients.: We get to offer better prices for our high quality products, as well as reducing production and shipping times. Last year proved us that the market has a need and is satisfied by what we offer, be we won’t stop there and will still actively try to better our work. But for now, our present and future clients have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing to do business with sustainable young startup, as well as reinforce their responsible brand image .


If you wish to offer durable and ecofriendly promotional products that will make your business shine and stand out from the crowd, contact us and we’ll be happy to start a project with you!

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Designer, entrepreneur and founder of Kotmo, Céline wants to transform the way corporation purchase promotional products, one step at a time! She's a B Corp advocate for young entrepreneurs =)

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