Beyond the K-Cup: How Keurig is Leading Sustainable Business



This month, we had the pleasure of working with Keurig Canada to help them develop a product that truly speaks and conveys a message. As a major beverage brewing system, they wanted to position themselves as sustainable business leaders, and were looking for an item that communicated just that.

We designed and developed sets of coasters, all made from 100% recycled acrylic; 30% post-consumer recycled material and 70% post-industrial recycled material.

These coasters, to be handed out at various Keurig Canada events, are distributed in pairs. One black, embedded with the Keurig logo and the words ‘100% recycled acrylic’ proudly engraved, partnered with one white embedded with the recycling symbol, wrapped together in a green label printed on 100% recycled paper.


As a certified B Corporation being held accountable for our social and environmental impacts, we guarantee responsible sourcing, respecting the environment and the people within it.

That’s why one of our most important commitments is to design, develop and create products locally, supporting local artists and entrepreneurs. In partnering with us for this project, Keurig supported:


This product not only uses 100% recycled acrylic and 100% recycled (and FSC certified) packaging, all of its production was localized in Montreal. This means, from inception to completion, the items only travelled within the province, significantly minimizing distribution impacts.



What sets Keurig apart is not only their decision to produce an environmentally sustainable product – it is their commitment to transforming a vision of sustainable business into action in various dimensions. Keurig decisions post-production are just impactful on the environment as choosing to develop a 100% recycled object. Through this project, Keurig supported a sustainability partnership by approving 30 extra products be donated to a local non-profit – La Gare – owned by a local B Corporation – Credo.

This partnership limited production-related waste while also supporting sustainable business ideals. Keurig bridged the gap between a large-scale company like theirs and smaller, local entrepreneurs, as well as organizations in the non-profit sector. Keurig’s valuing of sustainability didn’t stop at simply commissioning an environmentally-friendly product – their decisions thereafter contributed to larger overall sustainable business operations, which leaves an impact on more than just their company and the environment.

Learn more about the story here.

Keurig is a prominent Ecoleader. They are paving the way for the emergence of a larger movement of using business not only to reinforce their own brand, but to make positive social and environmental impacts and build a sustainable future for the coming generations. Their commitment to more than just profits is exemplified in the products they’ve purchased – as well what they do with the excess – and they’ve set the stage for what it means to use business for good.

We are proud to have collaborated with them, and are excited to continue their efforts in partnership!


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