Since last March, companies have been using creativity to keep their team motivated. From virtual happy hours to kick-off meetings, all means were used to try to encourage and motivate the troops. Although we were able to learn all the functions of the different virtual platforms in a hurry, the fact remains that for a holiday party, you have to be even more creative. However, despite all this learning, none of this is necessarily applicable for the holiday party. It's often a time to let off steam, to chat with colleagues without talking about current issues, to get to know your teammates in new ways. This moment is important for team synergy. So how do we manage to create that same feeling, despite the distance? Kotmo took a look at this question to present you with some inspirations. 

Give a gift at home

You can't deliver a gift at a party in person. That's no problem! Kotmo offers you the possibility to create your gifts and deliver them directly to your employees' homes. There are two options: custom gift boxes for those who already have an idea in mind and the Component Box: a turnkey package from which you can choose from eight new exclusive products developed in limited series. 

Indeed, anticipating a second confinement, the design team at kotmo has come up with new products developed in collaboration with our network of Quebec manufacturers and suppliers. Kotmo has also enlisted the services of four well-known Quebec designers to illustrate three of its products. The talent of Aless MC, Alice Picard, Alina Herta and Catherine D'amours can be found on posters, coasters and a very special card game. The principle is simple, you choose the objects you want to offer in the box according to your budget, you add the number of boxes you want and Kotmo takes care of the rest. A social reintegration company will assemble and send your gift boxes to the selected addresses. All products are in stock, which will limit the waiting time to less than a week. If you wish to personalize your gifts, no problem: you can add a personalized cardboard box and that's it. 

Tap into your habits 

Does your company hold an oyster party every year as a celebration of the holiday season? Why not adapt the event so that each team member can enjoy oysters in a virtual party. Have oysters from Pastaga restaurant delivered to everyone's home, along with an oyster knife, personalized dishcloths in your company colors and a bottle of local wine. Have your team meet at a set time to open the shells together. You could also make a toast and highlight a few stories from the year like a well done. Whether it's done by the associates or the social committee, the idea is to incorporate a little humor into the evening so that your team will remember it fondly. With the past experience of its team in event planning, Kotmo can help you adapt your team's traditions in an accessible and original way considering the current and future context.

Have a virtual experience

The biggest strain in virtual events is creating a sense of belonging and overcoming the feeling of being alone, despite the connection. So think of events that your team can participate in and get involved in. 

Some platforms offer free virtual games that are easy to implement. For example, the hanging man game can be played on the platform. Its free application allows you to create personalized rooms and invite the desired players. You then give the link to the team members, define the criteria: number of words and periods, and off you go. If you want to add a corporate culture aspect, you can even define in advance the words to guess. Having tested it with my team at Kotmo, it was very entertaining! 

We can also think of different themes: a wine and cheese tasting, a cooking evening with a chef or the discovery of a cocktail/mocktail created especially for your team, all in virtual form of course. The well-known sommelier Jessica Harnois offers a blind wine tasting. Using the different senses, she invites you to discover the wines, taste them and learn to differentiate them. All of this is paired with suggested cheeses to enhance the experience. The event takes place through screens, but the tasting is real. 

The evening could also take the form of a culinary contest. Have a special recipe prepared for your team with the help of a Quebec chef, like Martin Juneau! Invite this chef to your virtual gathering and have your team take an online cooking class. Accompany it with a Quebec wine to taste their creation. Have your team members take pictures of their creation and use the polling feature of your conference system to have people vote on the most inviting presentation. Plan a gift for the winner to encourage your team to participate. An upstream communication strategy can also be put in place to create excitement within your team.

Cocktail/mocktail creation! 

If your team isn't made up of aspiring chefs, you could simply modify this idea by sending them the ingredients for the cocktail/mocktail created by your favorite mixologist. With bars and restaurants closing in red zones, these creators need your support more than ever. This way, you'll be pleasing your teams while supporting a portion of the population that has had a hard time since this pandemic began.

Inspire your team!

Inspire your team with this virtual conference with a guest expert. From the comfort of their home, your team will be able to listen and interact with this expert. Choice of themes. All delivered with personalized items for them to take notes. Learn more about this service.

Entertain in a different way 

For larger companies, if the budget allows it, you could organize a virtual show with performances by well-known artists. The whole thing is accompanied by interactions between team members and the integration of gamification principles to add a touch of adrenaline. The BOB communications agency is currently organizing an impressive evening with the presence of Stéphane Rousseau as host and Abeille Gélinas as DJ. Their accompaniment goes from the turnkey formula to which it is possible to make additions according to its needs. This virtual show is sure to entertain your team and change their minds.

If you are interested in these ideas and would like some guidance in organizing them, contact us.
You can also check all the experience packages right here. 

kotmo is a young and creative team able to offer you the most surprising ideas. Moreover, in order to answer your different needs, we have created several partnerships to accompany and support you in the organization of your parties. We are able to put you in touch with the key people who will make your party a real success. 

Cindy Couture

Associée - Lead Sustainable Innovation