A year ago, the work-from-home challenges took over our daily lives. Our métro boulot dodo schedule quickly turned into vidéo boulot solo. Over time, we have tamed this feeling of novelty to make it comfortable at home.

Working differently

Now, with the gradual return to the office, one thing remains: Hybrid work mode is here to stay. Your teams love the team spirit of the office, but want the flexibility of working from home.

This selection of products has been designed with the aim of improving the work experience of your employees and providing them the necessary equipment considering current health standards.

With a wide price range, you can easily adjust your set to suit your needs and budget. These products are customizable to make your brand and your values shine.

NEW - Hybrid Work Station

This multifunctional sleeve allows you to carry your laptop and accessories and unfolds as a safe work surface, no matter where you are.

Double-walled glass

This insulated glass allows everyone to sip their drink in peace while limiting the exchange of materials in work areas.

Personal Hand Sanitizer

Small size hand sanitizer is here to stay protected all the time.

Unisex Crewneck

This trendy apparel is made in Quebec from recycled cotton and polyester.

Recycled Felt Slippers

You will find the comfort of your home instantly with these Quebec-made recycled felt slippers.

Recycled Felt Placemat

Keep your lunch space clean with this travel placemat made from recycled felt.

Bamboo Utensils Kit

No need to share utensils anymore, everyone has what they need for lunchtime.

Fabric Tablecloth

Eco-friendly and versatile, the fabric tablecloth is practical for keeping your workstation and your hands clean.

Seed Notebook

This handy notebook is made from recycled paper and seeded paper for easy note taking anywhere.

Wheat Husk Pen

Get creative with this pen made from reclaimed wheat husks.

Tell us about your return to the office!

Your return to work reality is unique.
We’ll be delighted to work with you to find the right concept to make your brand shine.