How to choose a gift for your clients

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It’s that time of year again, when the opportunity has presented itself to thank your clients for investing so much trust into your brand.  You could spend ages racking your brain as to what sort of business gift idea you think would please them, or you could think about what they would find the most useful within their work life.  Think pragmatic! Something which encapsulates versatility and style, but moreover, an object which is created in a sustainable way, having the smallest possible environmental impact in it’s production. Kotmo offers all these aspects, and on top of that, our company offers branded corporate items, which reflect the principles of your company.  Taking on board the specific wishes of the clients is paramount to creating a unique corporate gift which exemplifies a company’s spirit.


In choosing a product to gift your client, it is imperative to research the brand thoroughly, to firmly familiarise yourself with said company’s values and motivations.  From this information, one can proceed to designing a product which is perfectly suited. Think about the spirit of the company, what types of things drive them to develop their ideas and project; in simpler terms, what makes them tick.  Our brand has been developed exclusively prioritising eco-friendly sustainable values; therefore, we firmly believe that the process of the creating a product is something which should be done with care and respect for the environment. An object created by a company valorising these priorities is more meaningful than any mass-produced promotional product.  

Hence why offering these types of gifts to your clients will not only please them, but will reflect well on your brand as an entity.  Kotmo has numerous sustainable items as gifts for you clients; for example we recently created an amplifying device, which presented the epitome of our companies professional values.  This amplifying device wasnot only created with materials from exclusively sustainable sources, but it also eliminates the electrical element of an object which one would think would categorically need power.  In fact, we successfully created an amplifying device which doesn’t require a single watt of energy!

An interesting route to explore would be items which require basic core materials, reducing the complexity of the production process, and reflecting the ideologies of eco-friendly design.  It is imperative when creating an item for these types of companies to not only translate their values into the production, but furthermore, to delve deeper, and reflect the priorities which are put forward by all sustainable platforms.  This is why it is interesting to explore a wide range of different products, from office wear to home wear, and see how it can be possible to create these different products in a durable way.


In order to know exactly which type of company to choose to create your personalised business gift, it’s imperative that you ask the right questions.  That is to say, looking into all aspects of production, and ensuring that every stage is being completed with the utmost care and respect for the environment.  By evaluating the way in which the product is made, you are taking in its context and giving the object character, which is something which you wouldn’t necessarily find with any object.  Moreover, you could ask questions such as:

Where was it made?

What type of packaging will be used for the product?

Is it recyclable?

What reputation do my suppliers have in terms of environmental impact?

These are the sorts of questions you should be asking every time you look into finding a supplier.  There are so many ways of giving back to your clients whilst maintaining a clean and green impact on the environment, it just requires a little investigation.

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