GMAD: Welcoming Employees, Communicating a Vision

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We recently had the pleasure of working with GMAD – Groupe Marchand Architecture Design. They offer a wide range of services and expertise in architecture and design, from interior and landscape design to urban project management.

Having a keen eye for design is in the DNA of GMAD. That’s why, when they were searching for corporate gifts to help welcome their employees into their new office, they didn’t simply litter each desk with plastic pens. They prioritized products that not only display their brand, but represent their company values.

These promotional items were not only a tool welcoming their employees; they simultaneously reinforced office culture and communicated the company’s values of design, creativity and innovation.

All the products we developed for GMAD were carefully created by Montreal designers, using responsibly-sourced material. They included games for communal areas; checkers, tetris, a triangle game and dominos; as well as items for each employee’s desk to facilitate day-to-day work; a mousepad, a 4-piece item holder and a mini-whiteboard.


As a certified B Corporation being held accountable for our social and environmental impacts, we guarantee responsible sourcing, respecting the environment and the people within it.

That’s why one of our most important commitments is to design, develop and create products locally, supporting local artists and entrepreneurs. In partnering with us for this project, GMAD supported:

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Featured entrepreneur for this project:


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The designers of AllStudio, Max and Marie, always prioritize using quality materials for their work – namely FSC certified wood. The Forest Stewardship Council guarantees that the wood used for this project came from responsibly managed forests and supply chains.


All products were shipped without individual packaging to reduce the use of plastic, and because our main suppliers are located right here in Quebec, the items only travelled within the province. This means that:

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GMAD is doing more than buying overdone, underused promotional products – they are being intentional about strengthening their brand in every dimension. Establishing office culture happens more than handing out an employee handbook and hosting a yearly weekend retreat – your company’s brand and values should be imbedded and reinforced in different dimensions, including your corporate gifts and promotional items.

Through the use of a promotional product, GMAD reinforced their company culture, highlighting what they care about; sustainability, design and effective employee engagement. By being intentional in selecting their items, they are communicating a very specific message to their employees about what the company stands for.

By prioritizing locally-designed products, GMAD is not only reinforcing the company valuing creativity and design – they are also showcasing Canadian artists and entrepreneurs, supporting the local economy, all the while caring for the environment.

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GMAD is a prominent Ecoleader. They are paving the way for the emergence of a larger movement of using business not only to reinforce their own brand, but to make positive social impacts and build a sustainable future for the coming generations. Their commitment to more than just profits is exemplified in the products they’ve purchased, and they’ve set the stage for what it means to use business for good.

We are proud to have collaborated with them, and are excited to continue their efforts in partnership!


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