Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth Hotel

We strongly believe that big projects, for big companies, can be fully realized in partnership with smaller, emerging companies. When the opportunity presented itself to work with Fairmont – a leader in the luxury hotel industry and member of AccorHotels – we were excited not only by the prospect of doing business with a multinational, but to therefore communicate a message to an even wider audience.

With the launch of their CoLab 3 space, Fairmont was looking for a gift that was more than a promotional mug or pen. A practical item, used for everyday tasks, that simultaneously reduces waste – this is what the Queen Elizabeth opted for. Our mini-white board, made of recycled metal, set the precedent for the hotel’s valuing of sustainability initiatives.



As part of AccorHotels, Fairmont is involved in their Planet 21 program – a sustainable development program that aims at improving the environmental and social performance of their hotels. The item Fairmont commissioned is an example of their prioritization of creating positive environmental and social impacts. This object functions in more ways than advertising a new launch. It builds the hotel’s brand and communicates a message to their sister hotels and competitors. Keeping guest experience and their ultimate satisfaction the priority, they are valuing what their consumers value by caring for the environment, their city’s local entrepreneurs and emerging designers.

As a member of a large, international chain of world-renowned hotels, the Queen Elizabeth has placed themselves in a position to lead other hotels – even beyond their Fairmont partners – with great influence. They have strengthened their brand, communicated their commitment to Planet 21 and improving environmental performance to other AccorHotels, and created a wave whose ripples will reach hotels worldwide. The Queen Elizabeth is positioning itself as a forward-thinking innovator in the hotel industry by taking guest experience to the next level and making all choices, large and small, with great care.