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It is no secret– everyone enjoys receiving a gift. Whether it comes from a loved one or from an employer, a small present that shows one is appreciated is bound to make one happy. This is an idea you and your company can take to increase your organisational culture– by giving in a smart way, there may be more advantages than you think. What you may see as a simple gift may be seen as something much greater, and this way may make the working atmosphere in your company much more enjoyable. A wood office set makes their places organize and design, and the new reusable bag your employee has been talking about for weeks may show to them that you really do listen when they speak to you over coffee in the break room. Put shortly, there are numerous options for employee gifts which ultimately may serve your brand in ways you do not expect it to.

According to Forbes, the organisational culture is important in “boosting employee engagement, retention, performance, morale and satisfaction”, and gifts can help to do so. A happy employee is more likely to work more enthusiastically and overall give a better performance. Giving to your employees may be quite tricky– should you give something that will please everybody, however for only a short period of time, or should you give individual gifts that last longer? No matter what kind of gift you choose, there are important factors to keep in mind.


First, whether they are material or not, gifts create a feeling of belonging and loyalty to the brand you are creating. Receiving a present from an employer shows the employee that their work and time are appreciated, therefore they are more likely to want to stay, keep working and doing their best for that company. In a world where talent is difficult to find and to keep, recognizing that your employee is a human being that chose to work for your company is a simple gift that may go a long way.


Furthermore, the gift showcases your company’s ethics and values. If you, like Kotmo, believe in ethical and locally-manufactured products, giving a chocolate-basket produced by Nestle (who has recently been accused of using child labour) does not represent your brand efficiently. Instead, look for products that are certified fair-trade, or look for small businesses in your area that you can support. This way, you serve both your company brand and support a small company grow. Why not offer Martha, who always talks about her yoga classes, a Zen Box which she can use and reuse rather than a bottle of wine she may forget about?


Although we have so-far covered mostly material gifts, according to Custom Insight, a gift does not always have to be a physical one. Giving your employees autonomy, education or training on a specific skill they may be interested in learning, or simply recognition, can be a gift in itself. Giving the latter will make your employees excited about working with and for you, and therefore will boost their performance and your organisational culture.

Lastly, the gifts you give need to be tailored to your team’s needs. Giving presents with your corporate culture in mind does not mean buying a self-catered-candy-bar, as it may not represent your specific company values. What do your employees need? A tool to help them make a quick yes or no decision when there are too many contrasting opinions? A reusable lunchbox kit with bamboo utensils? Making sure your gifts are tailored to their personal needs and values ensures that the gift does not feel like a commodity or a polite, forced gift, but rather of something you have spent time and effort thinking about.