Ecoleader: Teo Taxi

A fabric envelope to cover the tissue boxes in the taxis, to keep the general elegance in the vehicules.
-august 2016-

A design experience from the outside in!

The project

Travelling with Teo means living a whole experience. Each detail, each object betters the trip to make it unique. Taxelco wished to hide the tissue boxes because they didn’t integrate well in the taxis. The marketing team then mandated us to create a unique and design object to their image. Taxi trips can be pretty chaotic, so with thought we’d add a fabric cover to give lightness to the product and ease the use for drivers as well as users. Next, we added the Teo Taxi graphism in order to live the brand fully.

The impacts of a tissue box

Economic impacts – One of our most important engagement and value is to make local products. To do it, we worked with Montreal designers Aubry/Levesque on the project. They themselves bought the materials from to Quebec suppliers: one for the natural cotton and another one for the printing. Bottomline, the making of this product employed 4 local businesses.

Environmental impacts – We said it, the supply and production is local, which means the product itself did not travel from outside the province of Quebec. Precisely, the designers, suppliers, Taxelco and ourselves are located in Montreal. From start to finish, the tissue boxes only travelled 34km before landing into the Teo taxis! So it’s minimal carbon emissions associated to the project and a good move for this sustainable business!

Social impacts – By buying this product, Taxelco sensibilizes their users to local objects made by creative designers. These tissue boxes shown to users from around the world helps to recognize the talent of our craftsmen.

Taxelco – a model of an Ecoleader
By choosing a sustainable supply chain, Taxelco encouraged local creativity, minimized its environmental impact and created jobs here. An objective well aligned with the company’s values!