Ecoleader: Place Sainte-Foy

A chic and elegant bag that goes with the concierge service’s image.
-july 2016-

The project

In may of 2016, Orange Tango’s team in charge of Place Ste-Foy’s account was looking for chic promotional products that would represent well the Quebec shopping center.

Quickly, they wanted to create a reusable bag for the summer. We were then mandated to find materials that would best represent their brand. Marie-Pier from Aubry/Levesque was able to find us a natural cotton canvas which was resistant and married well with a cow’s leather to add that elegant touch

Through this project, Place Ste-Foy doesn’t simply give a bag to its clients, the business brings positive impacts to the community. Let’s see how!

The impacts of a chic and local bag

Economic impacts – One of our most important value is to offer products that are made and sourced locally. In order to do that, we worked with the Montreal designers from Aubry/Levesque on the project. The materials used were from 3 different Montreal suppliers: 1 for the cotton, 1 for the leather, and 1 for the printing on the bag. Bottomline, the whole project gave work to 5 Quebec small businesses.

Environmental impacts – Like we said, the production and sourcing is local, which means the final object only travelled inside the province before landing in the hands of the final user. Precisely, from the raw materials to the end, the bags travelled less than 300km! Less carbon emissions is a good move for Place Ste-Foy as well as for the planet!

Social impacts –  By offering a locally made bag, Place Ste-Foy brings awareness to the importance of creativity and gives a spotlight to local talents.

Place Ste-Foy – a model of an Ecoleader
By choosing a local supply chain, Place Ste-Foy is able to quantify the impact of its project, minimizes its carbon footprint and maintains jobs here!