Ecoleader: Infopresse

An original trophy developped for the “Grand Prix de la Commandite” that took place during the RDV Commandite, organized by Infopresse
-october 2015-

“We were charmed by the creative approach from Kotmo’s team! They are talented creatives who understand well the strategic aspects of projects. The results: beyond our expectations!


A trophy at the image of an expertise

The project

In october 2015, Infopresse contacted Kotmo to create the trophy for an all new competition: The “Grand Prix de la Commandite”.The time limit was short, and expectations were high: a trophy that represented the men and women working in the sponsor industry. So we asked the designers at Aubry/Levesque to come up with a product that was outside the norms and that wasn’t like any other trophy out there. We worked hard on the project in order to provide a unique object that expressed the intertwined links of the people involved in the sponsor trade.

Through this project, Infopresse did not simply give out a trophy to the winners, it gave out a trophy with many positive impacts. See how!

The impacts of a unique trophy

Economic impacts – One of our most important objective is to make the object we create a local one. To do that, we teamed up with Montreal designers Aubry/Levesque. They themselves bought their materials from 3 Quebec suppliers: one for the PVC, one for the resin used and one for the engraving. In total, 5 local small businesses benefited from working on this project.

Environmental impacts – Like we said, the production and supply is local, which reduces the distance travelled by the final product to within the province of Quebec. Precisely, the designers, the PVC business, the engraving business, Infopresse and Kotmo all are situated in Montreal. The resin supplier is based in Laval, in the suburbs of Montreal. The event where the trophies were distributed being held in Montreal, they only travelled 43,5 km from production to the hands of the winners! In the end, it’s less carbon emissions and a good move for the Infopresse Group!

Social impacts -By giving out this trophy, Infopresse sensibilizes its audience to local objects made by creative designers. These objects exposed in small local business helps to recognize the talent of our craftsmen.

Infopresse – a model of an Ecoleader

By choosing a sustainable supply chain, Infopresse encouraged local creativity, minimized its environmental impact and created jobs here. A good decision that benefits everyone!