Ecoleader: Desjardins

A wooden sound amplifier for smartphones!
-september 2016-

Give your goals a boost with Desjardins

The project

Desjardins approached Kotmo in February 2016. They wanted to create a gift for the young people who meet with Desjardins advisors to talk about their financial goals, something to end their experience on a positive note. We consulted the Aubry/Levesque design studio and came up with a gift that would delight both students and workers alike. The concept combines music and an everyday object: the smartphone.

The phone’s volume is boosted by the amplifier, made from certified sustainable wood. All you have to do is place your device in the mouth of the emoticon to amp up the volume of whatever you’re playing. With this project, Desjardins is giving young people a unique product – one that has positive impacts on our environment. Here’s how.

The positive impacts of locally made products

Economic spinoffs– We’re committed to locally sourcing our products: it’s one of our most important values. For this project, we worked with Montreal design studio Aubry/Levesque, who bought the wood from a Quebec manufacturer. Cutting and engraving were done internally. That means three local businesses were involved in the creation process.

Environmental impacts – Like we said, manufacturing and production were local, meaning products were only transported within the province. We’re all located in Quebec: the designers, the wood suppliers, the Desjardins service outlets and us. For the three service outlets in Montreal, the amplifiers only travelled 30 km to reach young people! The amplifiers also travelled less than 150 km to reach the service outlet in Trois-Rivières, so not much greenhouse gas was produced overall—that’s a win for the organization!

Social benefits – By handing out a locally made gift, Desjardins is putting the spotlight on local products and showing off the creativity of Quebec designers. Desjardins is therefore positioning itself to promote local talent.

Desjardins – A role model for our Ecoleaders

Desjardins can see the impact it makes by choosing a local supplier: it encourages local creativity, minimizes environmental impacts and supports jobs in the province. This strategy is in line with its mission and vision.