Ecoleader: Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

A mini-board to help innovate!
– July 2017 –

A mini whiteboard for all your ideas  !


The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel was looking for a gift to give during the launch of their new CoLab 3 space. After brainstorming together, they chose our mini-board made of recycled metal.

The positive impacts of our mini-boards

Economic spinoffs – One of our most important commitments and values ​​is to design local products and work with local entrepreneurs. For this project, we worked with the Montreal designers Machine Design Appliqué. The metal was cut and moulded by a Quebec manufacturer, and the coloured paint as well as the engraving we done in our studio here in Montreal. This means that 5 local businesses were involved in the creation process of this product.

Environmental impacts – As we mentioned, the manufacturers are located in Montreal and the production is local. Therefore the mini-board only traveled within the province of Quebec –  meaning less than 20 miles. This means not much greenhouse gas was produced overall — that’s a win for the company!

Social benefits – By handing out a locally made product, Fairmont is putting the spotlight on local products and showing off the creativity of Canadian designers. The company is therefore positioning itself to promote local talent.

Fairmont – A role model for our Ecoleaders

Fairmont can see the impact it makes by choosing a local supplier: it encourages local creativity, minimizes environmental impacts and supports jobs in the country. This strategy is in line with its mission and overall vision.