Jalon Mtl was looking for a local made trophy to reward the winners in sustainable mobility. It's made of recycled brake pads from the Montreal subway. 

Benefits of our trophy!

Economic benefits 

One of the most important commitments stemming from our values is to design local products.

  • Designer Allstudio 
  • Logo engraved in our workshop.
  • Production of the item provided work for 4 local businesses.
Environmental benefits 

As we’ve mentioned, the manufacturers are located in Quebec and production is local.

  • Shipping of products only within the province.
  • Total travel less than 10 km.
  • Reduced emissions and cost savings.

Social benefits 
  • Help Jaolon Mtl make its audience more aware of Quebec products.
  • Showcase the creativity of local designers and recognize local talent.
Jalon Mtl – an exemplary Ecoleader

By choosing local sourcing, Jalon Mtl’s purchase can make a real difference by encouraging local creativity, minimizing environmental impacts and supporting local jobs.

Jalon MTL