Reduce your ecological footprint!

The mandate

TV5 was looking for a locally made and responsible gift.


The positive impact of our picnic set
The economic benefits

One of our most important commitments and values is to design local products.

  • Quebec manufacturers.
  • Fabric purchased from a local company in Quebec.
  • Labels printed in Montreal.
  • The production of this object has allowed 5 local businesses to work.
Environmental benefits

As mentioned, the manufacturers are located in Quebec and the production is local.

  • Transportation of the products within the province.
  • Journey of less than 500 km.
  • Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and a good point for the company.
Social benefits
  • Raising awareness of Quebec objects among TV5's audience.
  • Valuation of the creativity of local designers.
  • Recognition of local talent.
TV5 - a model of Ecoleader.

In short, by choosing local procurement, TV5 measures the impact of their purchase by encouraging local creativity, minimizing their environmental impact and maintaining jobs here.