The mandate

KPMG was looking for a monthly box to send to their telecommuting employees to encourage and thank them for their efforts. They developed the concept of "Operation #110Lucky" to spoil 110 randomly selected employees each month.

With a different theme each month, KPMG employees in Quebec receive a box at home with personalized items with the employer's logo. 

For the month of January, physical activity and wellness were in the spotlight. 

Each Kotmo project generates considerable social and economic benefits in Quebec.

Economic benefits 

One of our most important commitments and values is to design local products.

  • The smoothie cubes come from the Quebec company Evive.
  • The dance rope is handmade by the Montreal company Les enfantillages.
  • The chocolate protein bars are made in Montreal by Mid-Day Squares.
Environmental impact 

As mentioned, the manufacturers are located in Quebec and production is local.

  • Transportation of products within the province.
  • Journey of less than 500 km.
  • Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.

Social benefits 
  • Raising awareness among KPMG employees of Quebec-based items.
  • Raising awareness of a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Valuation of the creativity of local designers.
  • Recognition of local talent.
KPMG - a model of Ecoleader

In summary, by choosing local sourcing, KPMG is measuring the impact of their purchase by encouraging local creativity, minimizing their environmental impact and keeping jobs here.