The mandate

YUL wanted to provide a sustainable and ecological object to represent their brand. They chose our handmade tote bag in Quebec.

The positive impact of your object! 
Economic benefits 

One of our most important commitments and values is to design local products.

  • Quebec seamstresses.
  • Design developed in our studio.
  • Label printed in Montreal.
  • The production of this object allowed 5 local businesses to work.
Environmental impact 

As mentioned, the manufacturers are located in Quebec and the production is local.

  • Transportation of the products within the province.
  • Less than 150 km travel distance.
  • Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and a good point for the company.
Social benefits 
  • Raising awareness of YUL's audience to Quebec objects.
  • Valuation of the creativity of local designers.
  • Recognition of local talent.
YUL - a model of Ecoleader

In summary, by choosing local sourcing, YUL measures the impact of their purchase by encouraging local creativity, minimizing their environmental impact and maintaining jobs here.