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A sustainable innovation

ciklo is the first pen designed, sourced and manufactured in Quebec using post-consumer recycled plastic. The ciklo itself is recyclable.

Being locally made means a 99% reduction in GHG emissions compared to a pen made in Asia.


Post-consumer recycled materials

The pen’s outer shell is made of recycled, post-consumer polypropylene. That helps reduce its environmental impact related to raw materials by 40% compared to pens made from recycled plastic (PET) bottles.



The pen bears the Möbius strip logo, indicating that it is both made from recycled materials and recyclable. It also includes the words “Fait au Québec – Made in Canada.”


A green, minimalist design

The ciklo’s reinvented pen design makes it possible to reduce the number of parts from eight to four thanks to a single-material body and cap. The result is a recycling-friendly product.


Write longer

The Schmidt gel ink cartridge offers better performance than conventional promotional pens, delivering 1.5 times more writing. Although it is imported from Germany, the GHG emissions related to its transportation are reduced by 80% compared to a pen imported from Asia.


Manufacturing and social responsibility

The ciklo has been entrusted to nine local companies, including two social reintegration enterprises, one cooperative, a woman-owned firm, a family company and a B Corp certified.


Your logo in colour

Customization, done by a cooperative, allows your logo to be printed on the pen in several colours.


According to Statistics Canada, 145 million pens are imported into the country in an average year. Collectively, these pens travel thousands of kilometres and generate a significant amount of non-recyclable plastic waste that winds up in landfill.

As a designer of objects, kotmo’s primary mission is to use eco-design to create sustainable, locally made promotional items. Significant demand from clients motivated the design team to build the most environment-friendly pen possible.

Design and manufacture

After more than three years of research, collaborations with key players in manufacturing and plenty of trial and error, kotmo’s design team arrived at the final ciklo design. By bringing together multiple local companies for the project, kotmo has built a new production chain to make a high-quality project and pursue its mission to revolutionizing the promotional items industry by delivering a sustainable alternative.

Circular economy

Convert your old ciklos into new ones

kotmo has established a ciklo collection program in collaboration with MultiRecycle.

Your financial commitment to this program will give you access to an annual report on your ciklo orders. It will include environmental, economic and social statistics to complete your corporate documentation.


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Supporting partners

Founding partners

Achieved in part with consulting services and funding from the Program d'aide à la council industrial research National Research Center of Canada (NRC IRAP).