Ecoleader: Conseil des Directeurs Média du Québec

Custom-made trophy
– May 2018 –

Handmade trophies from Quebec !


The conseil des directeurs médias du québec were looking for a unique trophy to reward the work of various media organizations during the RDV Media Infopresse. To express the notion of a transmitter, we designed a trophy that looks like a satellite; an old object that illustrates the stability and recognition of the media in our environment, while simultaneously illustrating its dynamic and innovative nature through the trophy’s modern finish. The names of the winners are inscribed inside the satellite to encourage the recipient to observe the trophy before reading the information written on it. We also decided to disorient the position of the satellite to illustrate that the media does not always look and operate in the same direction; they innovate, see the world differently and think outside the box.

The positive impacts of our product 

Economic impacts – One of our greatest commitments and values here at Kotmo ​​is to design and create products locally. This product was designed and produced by AllStudio, right here in Montreal. The chosen materials – certified wood, paint and acrylic – come from quebec suppliers, and the metal ball from a canadian supplier. The trophy was assembled by hand in our studio. This means  5 local businesses were involved in the creation process for this unique product.

Environmental impacts –As we mentioned, the manufacturers are located in Montreal and the production is local. Therefore the products only traveled within the province – meaning less than 6 km. This means greenhouse gas impacts were limited throughout the production process — that’s a win for the company, and the environment!

Social impacts –By handing out a locally made product, the conseil des directeurs médias du québec is putting the spotlight on local products and showing off the creativity of Canadian designers. The company is therefore positioning itself to promote local talent.

The conseil des directeurs médias du québec – A model Ecoleader

The conseil des directeurs médias du québec can see the impact it makes by choosing a local supplier: it encourages local creativity, minimizes environmental impacts and supports jobs in the country. This strategy is in line with its mission and overall vision.