TV5 and Télé-Québec – By Locals, For Locals

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Last month, we had the pleasure of working with broadcasting networks TV5 and Télé-Québec. As media platforms present across the globe, they are among the greatest actors in highlighting Quebec culture and putting our local province on the map. We are always seeking to invest in and work with local Quebecois, so we were thrilled to help them develop 100% québécois product for their latest event.

The Médias Francophone Publics was put on by TV5 and Télé-Québec to celebrate the best of Quebec media. As they searched for a gift to give to all attendees, we concluded that there was no better way to celebrate the best of Quebec than with a product made in Quebec, by Quebecers.

Our custom gourmet gift bag includes jam products made in Gaspésie at La Maison du Bleuet, a bulk bag made and a wooden spreading knife.


As a certified B Corporation being held accountable for our social and environmental impacts, we guarantee responsible sourcing, respecting the environment and the people within it.

That’s why one of our most important commitments is to design, develop and create products locally, supporting local artists and entrepreneurs. Each item in our gourmet gift bag was made, individually by hand, by a different local supplier.

The reusable bags by Dans le Sac were made by hand by a family-owned company in the Eastern Townships. The wooden knives were made of reclaimed maple and walnut. They were cut using our laser machine and sanded individually by hand, by the designers of AllStudio.  The three jam products are also entirely local, made and assembled in Gaspésie at La Maison du Bleuet.

In partnering with us for this project, TV5 and Télé-Québec supported:


All production for our gourmet gift bag was done in the province. This means, from inception to completion, distribution impacts were minimized.

TV5 and Télé-Québec naturally work to highlight Quebec – its talent, its culture, its members of the media. They chose to communicate their mission and values beyond their business activities, wanting their promotional items to do the same. As a company that entirely supports Quebec in the realm of media, why not likewise continue to support Quebec’s economy by commissioning a product made entirely in the province?

They are celebrating the best of Quebec’s French Media, while stimulating Quebec’s local economy and supporting Quebec businesses and employees. What better way to communicate the valuing of our local communities than having a local-centric perspective present in all areas of your business – including objects.


TV5 and Télé-Québec are prominent Ecoleaders. They are paving the way for the emergence of a larger movement of using business not only to reinforce their own brand and mission, but to make positive social and environmental impacts and build a sustainable future for the coming generations. Their commitment to more than just profits is exemplified in the products they’ve commissioned, and they’ve set the stage for what it means to use business for good.

We are proud to have collaborated with them, and are excited to continue their efforts in partnership!


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