B Corp certification, a finality ?

Interview with Catherine Ouellet-Dupuis, director of the Legal Affairs at GSoft.

The B Corp accreditation does a thorough work to analyze and filter all your actions related to your environmental print and your corporate culture. This process can take months, even years, depending on the size of your business and your already established ecological values. The more you are prepared and able to track the information of your practices, the more your results will reflect your global yield.

GSoft, a business technology from Quebec, was created thirteen years ago by Simon de Baene, Guillaume Roy and Sebastien Leduc. Their products are now used in more than a hundred countries. They are putting the spotlight on the mission to revolutionize the world of work by harnessing the power of technology to put humans first. Since fall 2018, the company started the process of the B corporation certification.

« The technologies have to give freedom to the human being, not invade him »